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Provide full-service agency for your clients

Differentiate your agency by offering your clients a complete service by helping them buy their next home. It’s a competitive market out there and your clients expect the best.

You already manage the chain so why not help with the first stage too? Provide property specific advice, local area knowledge and negotiate the price of your client’s purchase home too.

Deliver by offering something completely different to everybody else. Great customer service and local knowledge are no longer enough.

Save your clients more than your fees

In a recent survey, 30% of homebuyers did not negotiate on their home purchase! By negotiating on behalf of your clients you will be able to save them more money than your actual fees. Now that is a great incentive to use you as an agent.

Win more instructions

When everybody is saying the same thing: great customer service, great local knowledge; now is the time to offer something more, something that makes a difference to your clients. Demonstrate a clear advantage to using your agency over another local agent in the area. Never lose to an online agent again.

Make clients happier

Buying a house is a fearful process. Fear of paying too much, fear of buying the wrong house, fear of buying in the wrong area, the wrong village, the wrong schools. All of these fears contribute to chains falling apart. Make your clients happier by providing reassurance, providing guidance and ultimately removing those fears.

Recommend, comment and advise on properties for your clien

During the sales process, sometimes there is no news to bring or there is bad news that you will have to tell your clients. Offset this by highlighting potential properties or areas for them to look at. Engage with their whole moving journey to better understand their frustrations and deliver a consistently better service.

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